Optimizing our own personal and online fitness coaching services, we’re proud to collaborate with Precision Nutrition, allowing our client’s complete access to their innovative, game-changing nutrition app.

Men’s Program

Women’s Program

Eliminating the need to shuffle through hundreds of online pages, of what often turns out to be confusing and erroneous nutritional information, the ProCoach app streamlines it all into one library of user-friendly, helpful reminders. After having taken the industry’s best and most helpful nutrition tips, tricks and advice,the ProCoach team compiled it all into a seamless, sensible and practically ingenious app. Basically, it breaks down all those habits we should all be engaging in, and either don’t know about, forgotten about or keep procrastinating.

By structuring easy-to-follow two-week increments, your entire year is scheduled with easy-to-follow “habit blocks.” With each block delivering healthy eating and lifestyle habits to adopt, you’ll quickly develop new habits that build upon each other within that 52-week time schedule.

Challenge yourself by keeping in step with the each new habit while proving its effectiveness and your “stick-to-it-ness” with regularly-scheduled photo shoots.

It’s fun. It’s easy and it’s inspiring, allowing you to stick to those proven tips and tricks that optimize your health and wellness.

Find out more about how to incorporate the ProCoach nutrition app into the rest of your fitness program by scheduling your initial consultation with R MAC Fitness now.