R Mac Fitness Transformation Programs aren’t just your typical workout or fad diet programs. They are a way of living that allow you to take control of your health, fitness, and body for a lifetime.


+Through exercise with SIMPLE, FUN, AND EFFECTIVE exercise programs


  • We use several assessment tools that allow us to pick the proper exercise prescription for you based on your goals, your body, and your fitness level. From mobility and flexibility to resistance training and cardio, everything is tailored to you and your goals.
  • We also are not stuck on one form of training. Our certified personal trainers have spent time working with all different types of training equipment and workout styles to make sure we can provide the best programs for you—ones that you can consistently enjoy doing and that are sure to help you meet your health and fitness goals.
  • What separates R Mac Fitness programs from the sea of other exercise programs out there is the motivational approach to coaching. We know that if you don’t enjoy what you are doing, and it doesn’t fit with who you are as a person, you won’t do it. Come try out the R Mac Fitness approach to training today with a free success session.

+ A Habit-Based Approach to Nutrition


  • At R Mac Fitness, we know how hard it is to try and change completely overnight, and how this 0-100 approach can quickly lead to a crash and burn situation. Most people already deal with a lot of stress from work, family, social obligations, and other areas, so the last thing we want to do is provide a nutrition plan that is completely different than what you are used to, or one that is too far outside your comfort zone. It is for this reason we follow a step-by-step approach to nutrition using PN’s ProCoach platform.
  • A habit-based program focuses on taking your goals and breaking them down into smaller, simple action steps that can be repeated on a day-to-day basis. Doing is more important than knowing, and small steps taken repeatedly can cover lots of ground over time.
  • We will focus, over the course of a year, on 23 scientifically sound habits that range from nutrition and recovery to mindset and lifestyle shifts.
  • Following a simple system that breeds success with “little wins” allows you to develop skills, confidence, and become more motivated to take the next step.

Sign up for one of our Transformation programs today to experience the R Mac Fitness difference.

Our expert coaches will guide you on your health and fitness journey and help you achieve serious results that last a lifetime.