Amplifying your personal results, our private personal training sessions were designed to offer individualized attention, allowing clients to experience uninterrupted service. Conducted on a one-on-one basis, each session allows both client and personal fitness trainer to engage in a customized plan of attack.

Whether you need just a little extra motivation, are intimidated by group sessions, or have just been plain turned off by the average large corporate gym setting, one-on-one coaching provides the personalized care you’ve sought up to this point.

Private training sessions are especially helpful for those clients who:

  • Are new to exercise and don’t understand how to perform workouts safely or effectively.
  • Wish to lose weight and need an extra support and expertise.
  • Have reached a personal plateau and need revisions to their fitness routines.
  • Are adjusting their fitness goals and wish to gain muscle mass.
  • Just want that extra little push to overcome limits and banish excuses.

One-on-one training session rates vary and are dependent upon packages or membership levels. Find out more about scheduling your own session with one of our expert personal trainers by contacting the R Mac Fitness team now.