Teaching kids the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, our youth training program combines sensible eating and workout sessions, led by trainers who are both experienced and trained to handle the unique challenges and physical needs of children and teens.

FACT: Children and teens (ages 6-19) are spending more time on smartphones, tablets, and video games, and less time being active. This has quadrupled obesity rates since the late 1960s.

  • Our expert gym trainers are dedicated to reversing this epidemic by keeping things simple, fun, and effective.
  • Give your 12 to 18-year-old an edge over his teammates, confidence to lead, and the exercise and nutritional habits needed to live a long, healthy, and fit lifestyle.
  • Creating the Foundation of Fitness for Optimal Performance

Each individual session at R Mac Fitness includes fun workouts in a supportive and encouraging environment. Focusing on safety, workouts are always approached sensibly, though we’ll push each participant into discovering more about their own unique abilities. Designed to help with boosting the metabolism, building strength, increasing endurance, and improving athletic performance, each session will include pinpointed instruction for each child’s specific needs and goals. Always encouraging and supportive, each youth training coach has been hand-picked for their patience and positive attitude as well as their knowledge and expertise.

Backed by 15 years of combined industry experience, R Mac Fitness leaders strive to provide personalized care in everything we do. Providing comprehensive workout sessions and nutritional guidance for both newbies and enthusiasts, it is our goal to help you attain your family’s fitness goals.

Find out more by scheduling your child’s initial consultation and physical assessment today.